Parent Teacher Fellowship

The purpose of the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church Christian Academy (MPBCCA) Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) is to support the spiritual, academic and physical well-being of MPBCCA students. This is achieved through a partnership of parents, students, teachers and administrators of MPBCCA.

Responsibilities and Functions

The PTF will carry out functions under the direction of the Board of the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church Christian Academy, which is the corporate sponsor of the MPBCCA. These functions include, but are not limited to:

  • Enhancing communication between and among parents, teachers, administrators and the Board of the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church.
  • Organizing social activities to develop a sense of community among the MPBCCA family.
  • Organizing events to recognize the efforts of MPBCCA teachers, administrators and parents.
  • Organizing fundraisers to provide equipment and meet other special needs for the academy.
  • Constituting such standing or ad hoc committees as it may from time to time deem necessary or convenient for the efficient exercise of its responsibilities and functions.

Parent Assignments

Parents are encouraged to attend all General Body PTF Meetings. If a parent feels a specific issue needs to be addressed directly to the Board before the next General Body PTF Meeting, they are welcome to come to the PTF Board Meeting. Please contact a PTF Board member prior to the PTF Board meeting you are interested in attending so that time may be scheduled on the agenda.

2019-2020 MPBCCA PTF Board

President: Alicia Burgess

Vice President: Cherie Teel

Secretary: Dawn Moore

Treasurer: Nicole Brazelton

Fundraising: Nekita Jones

Communications: Quincy Jones

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