Thank you for considering MPBCCA.

The selection of students is based upon interviews with the administration, student achievement, and the submission of all fees and forms. Included in these forms will be statements signed by parents and most students stating that they will abide by and cooperate with all rules, regulations, and policies of Mount Pleasant Baptist Church Christian Academy.


The following is the procedure for admitting students to the Academy :

1. An interview will be conducted by the director, Mrs. Aghayere or the assistant director, Ms. Henderson with parents, and children in which the structure of the school, the educational philosophy, the spiritual program, the grade placement procedure, and other pertinent data will be discussed.

2. Submit application and registration fees.

3. All necessary forms must be completed and signed by parents.

4. School records should be provided.

a. Parents are required to have records of their children transferred to MPBCCA.

b. Parents should also submit an up-to-date physical, a birth certificate, updated immunization records, and social security number for each child.

5. Age requirements for students entering the Academy :

a. K-4: Child must be 4 years old by September 30th.

b. K-5: Child must be 5 years old by September 30th.

Please complete and return the attached mpbcca-2020-2021-enrollment-application-1.pdf

to the school director, Margaret Aghayere.

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